Drotts are most commonly used in large areas where there is a lot of material to be bulked out loaded shifted or shaped.  They perform similar tasks to a Bobcat but on a larger scale.  They are a heavy machine which uses it’s weight to take huge chunks of earth each time they fill their bucket.  Some smaller drotts can also be used on under house excavations.

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When should I use a Drott?

Some tasks a Drott can perform well include:

  • Site preparation
  • Bulk excavations
  • Big site clean-ups
  • Cutting roads
  • Shaping big areas
  • Loading trucks
  • Ripping
  • Tree clearing
  • Spreading material


When choosing our most suitable Drott for your job, our allocator will need to know:

  • How wide is the access to your job.
  • The best size machine for the job is generally the largest size that can fit into a space without the size of the machine limiting its ability.

Groundbreaker Drotts are supplied with operators who have high levels of experience and competency. Call Groundbreaker today on 07 3852 3320 for advice, experienced operators and exceptional service.