A tipper truck has a bin hinged to the rear of the vehicle. Using hydraulics, the bin is raised to allow material to be deposited from the rear of the truck. Tippers are available in many sizes. The size of the tipper required will depend on the volume of material to be moved and the amount of room there is for truck access.

Some low sided tippers are available for small machines to load.  Some longer bins are available to accommodate trees or longer items.

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When should I use a Tipper?

Tippers are used to transport material to and from sites and also from one part of the site to another.


The best size machine for the job is generally the largest size that can fit into a space without the size of the machine limiting its ability. 10m3 tippers with a tandem rear axle are the most versatile and common size tipper we supply. Truck and Dogs or Semi tippers are also available for large works.

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