Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum Excavation is most commonly required when there are existing pipes or cables underground.  Sometimes Vacuum Excavation is used to simply locate and expose services safely to allow an excavator to carefully dig around them.  Other times the Vacuum excavation unit excavates the entire trench or footing. 

A blast of water is directed into the earth to loosen and break-up particles. This loosened material is vacuumed by a hose into a holding tank. This form of excavation locates services without causing damage.  It minimises the need for manual digging.

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When should I use a Vacuum Excavation Truck?

Some tasks a Vacuum Excavation truck can perform, include :

  • Locating and exposing pipes and cables
  • Excavating near services
  • Maintenance and cleaning of pits and pipes
  • Draining water or removing mud

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